Sense 5 mods collection
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Sense 5 Toolbox

What is Sense Toolbox?

Sense 5 Toolbox module contains a large variety of mods that will improve almost every aspect of your Sense device. You have to have Xposed Framework installed to use these mods (except EQS reorder for older devices, it only requires root). For more info about Xposed refer to the original thread.

How to use the Toolbox?

First you must have Xposed Framework installed. After that enable the Sense 5 Toolbox module in the Xposed Installer, set up mods you like and tap 'Soft Reboot' icon to apply them.
You can also reorder EQS tiles using drag'n'drop on Sense versions prior to 5.5. Select EQS reorder option in Toolbox, tap a tile to remove it, use a '+' icon at the top to add new tile. Tap save icon when you're done.

Backup functionality

Toolbox supports settings backup and restore using local backup on SDCard (button next to Soft Reboot).

Which mods are included?

For a complete list, please head over to


Xposed Module Repository