Sense 6 and 7 mods collection
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Mikanoshi 92df53c770 Build 289 4 years ago
.settings Extreme Power Saving apps remap 7 years ago
assets Touch lock mod 6 years ago
libs Root access checks 6 years ago
res Fix 4x5 grid on Blinkfeed 4 years ago
src Build 289 4 years ago
.gitignore Root access checks 6 years ago
AndroidManifest.xml 4x5 homescreens fix 4 years ago
TODO.txt Repo management 5 years ago UTF-8 for source! 7 years ago
build.xml Screen orientation change animations 5 years ago
lint.xml Trigger build 6 years ago
proguard-project.txt Cleaning 6 years ago Large photo fix 6 years ago