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<h1>PHP opcache monitoring plugin</h1>
<br>Nagios output: checks opcache usage and applies warning and critical levels to it.
<br>Influx Line Portocol: collects percentages of opcache usage, hits and misses.<br>
- PHP interpreter<br>
- PHP script (opcache.php) on a webserver where opcache is enabled<br>
<h3>Example php.ini</h3>
<pre class="light-well">[opcache]
opcache.enable = 1
opcache.enable_cli = 0</pre>
<h3>Plugin parameters</h3>
<pre class="light-well">check_phpopcache -U <full URL to opcache.php> [-w 80] [-c 90] [-i] [-m measurement]
Optional parameters
-w Warning level for Nagios format
-c Critical level for Nagios format
-i Influx Line Protocol output format instead of Nagios
-m Measurement name ("opcache" by default)
Example: check_phpopcache -U -i</pre>