Nginx vhost requests monitoring plugin
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Nginx vhost monitoring plugin

Counts number of requests for each virtual host defined in Nginx.
Supports Nagios and Influx Line Portocol output formats.

- PHP interpreter
- Nginx with ngx_http_vhost_traffic_status_module compiled statically or dynamically

Plugin parameters

check_nginx_vhost -u <url to json formatted vhost stats> [-z ] [-t] [-i] [-m measurement]
Optional parameters
	-z	Comma-separated list of zones (vhosts), display all if not specified
	-t	Include total request count
	-i	Influx Line Protocol output format instead of Nagios
	-m	Measurement name ("nginxvhost" by default)
Example: check_nginx_vhost -u "" -z, -i -m myvhosts

Graph example (InfluxDB + Grafana):