InfluxDB data monitoring plugin
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InfluxDB data monitoring plugin

Queries any number of fields/measurements and returns a defined number of raw or aggregated values in Nagios format.
- PHP interpreter and composer
- InfluxDB (0.13.0 recommended)

Run composer install to download InfluxDB PHP Client dependency.

Example InfluxDB config

enabled = true
bind-address = "localhost:8086"
auth-enabled = false

Plugin settings

$host, $port and $db variables must be configured according to InfluxDB.

Plugin parameters

	[Required] Field keys to select (can contain aggregate functions, return last values)
	[Optional] Measurements to get fields from (search all if not specified)
-s <5m|1h|1d|...>
	[Optional] Defines period from now that is used to collect values (defaults to 15 minutes)
	[Optional] Number of points to display (defaults to 1, results are sorted by time in descending order)
	[Optional] Replace field keys with these titles in an output string
	[Optional] Warning and critical levels for every field
	[Optional] Display only info or perfdata part (both if not specified)
	[Optional] Add c units to all values (counters)
	[Optional] Add % to all values (percents)
	[Optional] Add B to all values (data sizes)
	[Optional, Debug] Output query string and returned array of values only